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Songwriter Residency

The Stetson Kennedy Songwriter Residency is a partnership with the Stetson Kennedy Foundation and the St. Johns County Parks and Recreation Department, aims to activate a vital part of Northwest Florida’s cultural history and a landmark of national significance to create a Songwriter Residency. This historic songwriter residency program will take place at Beluthahatchee Park

In Memoriam

This is a video honoring my grandfather. Edited by Sean Kennedy. Music: Steve Blackwell, Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg and Wilco : Musicians were contacted for use for this music. In loving tribute. Sean also named his son Stetson.

Soul of a People

Explores one of the most controversial New Deal programs created by FDR during the Great Depression. Seen through the eyes of some of its most famous alumni -- the film follows the Federal Writers' Project as they fan out across America, interview its citizens, and produce a portrait of the USA from the ground up in a series of state travel guides.

Dr. Benjamin Spock Peacemaker of The Year Award

Stetson Kennedy accepts the Dr. Benjamin Spock Peacemaker of the Year Ward in 2001.

Drunk History!

Share a laugh with COmedy Centrals funny recount of Stetson Kennedy's work with the "Superman" radio program to broadcast the secret rituals and passwords of the Ku Klux Klan to the public. Starring Jason Ritter as Stetson.

Holding a Mirror to Florida

Uploaded by USFLibraries - Recorded February 15, 1997 - UNF - Category -Education

Oral History Interview

UNF honors Stetson, These clips taken from an interview with Professor Paul Ortiz highlight Stetson's career as a pioneer for social change in the Jim Crow era.

Ch 4. Local News Cover-Story 1995

Stetson is featured and interviewed on Channel Four NBC local news Nigh-beat Cover Story Jacksonville 1995.

The Heartland Award 1992

Story on the Heartland Award Winner Honroee - Fox News 30 Jacksonville 1992.

Wilco, Billy Bragg & Woody Guthrie

Billy Bragg and Wilco compose, produce and record Stetson Kennedy by Woody Guthrie. The atmospheric catchy biographical song appears on the hit album, Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2. (1999)