Rocking The Boat: Studs Terkel's 20th Century

May, 2008

Studs TerkelIn this 15 minute tailer, Studs Terkel, Hazel Wolf, Stetson Kennedy and others talk about their activism in the last century. ROCKING THE BOAT: STUDS TERKEL'S 20TH CENTURY, is an educational DVD which began as a PBS documentary for KCTS, Seattle in 1998. It is adapted, with permission, from Studs Terkel’s book COMING OF AGE.

ROCKING THE BOAT takes a close look at the social progress achieved during the last century and how it was achieved, as seen through the eyes of 95 -year-old oral historian Studs Terkel (who was 85 years young when the production was filmed) and nearly a dozen of his contemporaries. There will be an accompanying Web site in addition to this Google Video work-in-progress

Stetson Segment at 9:20

Rocking The Boat: Studs Terkel's 20th Century
© 2008 MIR Productions.
Produced by John de Graaf (KCTS, Public T.V.), Alan H. Stein, and Mirko Popadic (MIR Productions), Chicago, IL.



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