The Readers Theater

From right to left:
Rahman Johnson, Ari Turner, Tangela Floyd,
Roxann Hilbert, Aida Correa, Earl Kitchings

Upcoming Readers Theater Event

Friday, July 15, 2016
TIME: tba
LOCATION: Prime Osborne Convention Center, 1000 Water St, Jacksonville, FL 32204.

More details will be posted soon.

Young Minds Readers Theater is presented by Young Minds Building Success, The Stetson Kennedy Foundation, and Scott and Nancy McLucas.

Readers' Theater are performing regularly with two programs about Stetson Kennedy's work.

Young Minds Building Success, The Readers Theater and the Stetson Kennedy Foundation present

The Black Superheroes

Introducing The Black Superhoeros Original Comic Book Cover

These charismatic heroic characters, are African-American superheroes who use strength, intelligence and endurance to accomplish unexpected results. The Readers Theater cast give life to the Black Superheroes! These heroes are derived from: Stetson Kennedy’s book Palmetto Country, The Library of Congress American ex-slaves archives gathered by the Federal Writer’s Project during the 1930s, and the commemorative comic book, “Introducing The Black Superheroes”, written and edited by Tangela Floyd and illustrated by Brian Oakley.

Folio Weekly - Tangela Floyd and Brian Oakley transform slave folklore into modern explorations of racial identity READ

Readers Theater Past event
A Night Out with
Stetson Kennedy, MaVynee "Beach Lady"
& Black Superheroes

May 14 2016 7pm – 10pm
American Beach, Burney Park,
95496 Burney Road, Fernandina, FL 32034

The Readers Theater performed “Introducing the Black Superheroes” followed by a reflection on the relationship between Stetson Kennedy and MaVynee Betsch, the “Beach Lady”.

Al Poindexter provided a musical performance based on images of American Beach.

Visual and Sound provided by William Jackson and Tommy Bridgewater

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Readers Theater 95496 Burney Rd. (in the Gazeebo area), Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

95496 Burney Road, Fernandina FL 32034